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Seth Meyers “Boston Accent Trailer”

This segment from Late Night with Seth Meyers, “Boston Accent Trailer”, parodies Hollywood films set in Boston and their treatment of language. It comments humorously on stereotypical lexical items (bro, wicked), the variety of accents portrayed (“the upscale Kennedy-type”, “the … Continue reading

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Holllywood Injun English in MacGuyver

See 8:27-9:38 in this episode of MacGuyver for a Hollywood portrayal of Injun English http://www.cbs.com/classics/macgyver/video/?pid=oBrc4c2saVHcDEu5v_LJhILTs6IMa4mX&vs=&play=true (8:27-9:38)

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2010 Colbert Report on creating fear through images

On the subject of constructing Latin American immigrants as inherintly “illegal,” here is a great clip from a 2010 Colbert Report show– http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/361456/october-07-2010/indecision-2010—revenge-of-the-fallen—fearstock-com If the link doesn’t work or load, people can find it by searching for “Colbert fearstock.com“.

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Anti-illegal alien website

This anti-illegal alien site contains rants about illegal aliens and compares them to thieves, invaders, etc:  http://www.illegalaliens.us/ Some of the more interesting links on the site include the ‘Illegal Illegals Song’ and ‘Euphemisms.’ Tons of other links to explore as well.

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Glee “The Spanish Teacher” episode

This episode of Glee is all about negotiating the Spanish language in an English-dominant US high school. There are some great examples of indexicality and lines that could be considered Mock Spanish. The episode can be accessed on hulu: http://www.hulu.com/watch/326451/glee-the-spanish-teacher Moments … Continue reading

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