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2010 Colbert Report on creating fear through images

On the subject of constructing Latin American immigrants as inherintly “illegal,” here is a great clip from a 2010 Colbert Report show– http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/361456/october-07-2010/indecision-2010—revenge-of-the-fallen—fearstock-com If the link doesn’t work or load, people can find it by searching for “Colbert fearstock.com“.

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NY Times Drops “Illegals,” As Fox Continues To Cling To Slur

This December 2011 Media Matters article reports on controversy over use of the word “illegals” by former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller. The article disusses the word’s connotations, alternative terms, and media standards for terminology to use in … Continue reading

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The Associated Press Updates Its Stylebook, Still Clings to I-Word

This article reports on the Associated Press controversy regarding term “illegal immigrant” in news reporting. AP deputy standards editor David Minthorn is quoted as saying, “Alternatives like undocumented worker, illegal alien or illegals lack precision or may have negative connotations. Illegal immigrant, on the … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck on illegal immigration

In the fist 50 seconds of this video, Glenn Beck argues that illegal aliens are just like illegal drugs.The video can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=r79-Za5tj9E (00.00-00.50). If you would like to read a paper analyzing this clip, please contact Hilary Dick dickh@arcadia.edu.

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