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Irish accent and Irish language

Saoirse Ronan tries to teach Stephen Colbert to speak English with an Irish accent. Separately, Jim McCloskey discusses the Irish language on The World. Continue reading

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Films to show in class

Here are some films that people on the linganth list have mentioned as good to show in class: Mickey Mouse Monopoly (good with Lippi-Green): http://www.mediaed.org/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=112 Multilingual Hong Kong http://www.foryue.org/ The Linguists http://www.thelinguists.com/ Voices of North Carolina http://ncsu.edu/linguistics/talkingnc/products/voicesofnc.php Speaking in Tongues http://speakingintonguesfilm.info/ Pidgin: The Voice of … Continue reading

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