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Mock Spanish in Skippyjon Jones

The widely read Skippyjon Jones series of children’s picture books (Schachner 2003) presents Mock Spanish to the preschool set. Lots of material available on the website: My name is Skippito Friskito. I fear not a single bandito. My manners … Continue reading

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SKILLS website

SKILLS (School Kids Investigating Lg in Life and Society) is a project spearheaded by Mary Bucholtz and Jin Sook Lee. They have developed a curriculum to teach lg and culture to high school students. Lots of materials you can use for projects on … Continue reading

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The i-word Accessed Oct 11, 2012 Linguists Tell New York Times That ‘Illegal’ Is Neither ‘Neutral’ nor ‘Accurate’ By CRISTINA COSTANTINI Oct. 1, 2012 José Manuel Godínez-Samperio, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico says that he wants to be called “undocumented” because … Continue reading

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Films to show in class

Here are some films that people on the linganth list have mentioned as good to show in class: Mickey Mouse Monopoly (good with Lippi-Green): Multilingual Hong Kong The Linguists Voices of North Carolina Speaking in Tongues Pidgin: The Voice of … Continue reading

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Jimmy Smits SNL skit

This is the famous Jimmy Smits SNL skit that Jane Hill talks about in her discussion of Mock Spanish. (you will need to subscribe to Hulu plus to watch the video)

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Linguistic profiling

This HUD video on housing discrimination shows a White man taking on various accents when making phone calls to ask about apts for rent. Useful to pair with John Baugh’s work on linguistic profiling

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Language and character in Disney movies

  Many of the clips in the 2001 film Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood, and Corporate Power are useful for pairing with Lippi Green  

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Steve Harvey’s white voice

Black Comedian Steve Harvey compares white and black communication styles. He imitates a white man’s voice at 2:35-4:13. (2:35-4:13)

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Holllywood Injun English in MacGuyver

See 8:27-9:38 in this episode of MacGuyver for a Hollywood portrayal of Injun English (8:27-9:38)

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Mock Asian in Margaret Cho and Long Duk Dong

Examples of Mock Asian Margaret Cho (8:32-end) Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong) on NPR

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