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Black Lives Matter and Police Violence

Readings and other resources for use in linguistic anthropology classes on topics of police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, and structural racism Continue reading

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Arika Okrent language-related videos

a series of videos on English vocabulary, language origins, and other language and society related topics Continue reading

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Irish accent and Irish language

Saoirse Ronan tries to teach Stephen Colbert to speak English with an Irish accent. Separately, Jim McCloskey discusses the Irish language on The World. Continue reading

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Seth Meyers “Boston Accent Trailer”

This segment from Late Night with Seth Meyers, “Boston Accent Trailer”, parodies Hollywood films set in Boston and their treatment of language. It comments humorously on stereotypical lexical items (bro, wicked), the variety of accents portrayed (“the upscale Kennedy-type”, “the … Continue reading

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Ethnographies of language socialization

Building on the successful quest for ethnographies of language and gender on the LINGANTH email list, Elise Berman asked colleagues for additional recommendations. This time list participants suggested work on language socialization. Would people be willing to share their favorite … Continue reading

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Ethnographies of Language and Gender

Recently Elise Berman asked colleagues via the LINGANTH email list to recommend recent ethnographies of language and culture. Several people responded; some titles and links to publishers are collected here. Continue reading

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Video clips for teaching language ideologies

Several colleagues have suggested film and video clips that may be useful in teaching about language ideologies, including the value of standard and non-standard varieties, social stereotypes, and style shifting. This post includes several YouTube videos. Continue reading

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Syllabus: Language and Colonialism

Syllabus for Janina Fenigsen’s 2010 graduate/undergraduate seminar, “Language and Colonialism”, at the University of Michigan Department of Anthropology Continue reading

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